Want to live or work in Windsor Park? Look at what is available.


1234 Sterling– Active.

1127 Windsor– Active.

1106 Sterling– Active.

2126 E. 12th St.– Active.

1816 Commerce– Active.

1033 Tecumseh– Active with Contingency.

2025 Nowland– Active with Contingency.

1616 E. 12th St.– Active with Contingency.

2010 E 10th St.– Active with Contingency.

1109 Windsor– Active with Contingency.

1105 Windsor– Pending.

1102 N. Hamilton– Pending.


1702 E. 12th St.- Pending.

1220 Tecumseh– Pending.

1902 Commerce– Pending.



1332 E. 10th Street– Active.

1326 E 10th Street– Active.

2115 E. 12th– Active.

1129 N. Hamilton– Active.

1033 N. Hamilton– Active.

1029 N. Hamilton– Active.

Alaina’s Restorations  Alaina has been lovingly restoring homes in our neighborhood. Check out the homes finished in 2016 and 2017 here. Check out all current projects here (1109 Windsor, 1025 Windsor, 1938 E. 11th, 1046 Jefferson, 1025 N. Hamilton and 1021 N. Hamilton).

Compendium Group’s Net Zero Ready homes being built on 11th  Six homes sold and construction is planned for three more super energy efficient new homes being built between Brookside and Arsenal as well as one home that is being renovated. Interested? Email Micah Hill at

NEON Architecture’s Net Zero Ready homes being built at 12th and Arsenal These cozy modern town homes are under construction, facing our neighborhood park, Fletcher Park. One unit is reserved. Three are available. For more information, contact Brian Burtch at


Whittier Place Apartments


1029 Hamilton

1033 Hamilton

1129 Hamilton

2115 E. 12th St.


Want to hang your shingle with a dedicated group of artists, brewers and makers? Check out Circle City Industries’ redevelopment project inside the western edge of Windsor Park. You can check it out (and contact Rachel Ferguson, the building manager) via this website. And RUCKUS Maker Space is expanding and making room for 25 more artisans this summer. You can read about RUCKUS here.


Disclaimer: All information on this page is intended to help anyone interested in living or working in Windsor Park. This is not by any means a complete list nor should it be considered an endorsement of any property. Most of this information is available from and obtained through MIBOR. If you have property information to share or would like a property listing added to this page, please email the information to