Land Use Committee

We encourage all neighbors, builders and developers who have projects within Windsor Park Neighborhood to engage with the neighborhood Land Use Committee. We have a dedicated group of neighbors who serve on our Land Use Committee and we have two Co-Chairs, Micah Hill and Aaron Kowalski, who facilitate the process. Our Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Our meetings are open to all Windsor Park neighbors. Meeting information is shared on our neighborhood calendar.

Anyone who has a rezoning or variance petition, a plat petition or a redevelopment plan pending, please contact us at, with the following information:

  • Site Plan;
  • Floor Plans;
  • Elevations;
  • Any and All infrastructure/engineered project drawings;
  • Material information and samples;
  • A short, written narrative discussing the project and project goals; AND
  • Letters of Support from nearby neighbors.

Once a petitioner has contacted us, all Land Use Committee (LUC) Members and nearest neighbors will be notified, the project will be added to the agenda of our next monthly meeting date and we will notify the petitioner that they have been added to the agenda. We may request that the petitioner file for a Continuance or we may do so, if the hearing date is prior to our next meeting or if the timing of the process requires it. To avoid unnecessary delays, we request that petitioners notify us as soon as any petition is filed.

What to expect at the meeting. Our intention is to fulfill our mission to ensure that our neighbors have a voice in planning and development and to respect all parties’ time. We prefer to meet, in person. This allows the petitioner to present their information (listed above) and for neighbors to ask questions and receive answers directly from the petitioner. After the presentation and Q+A, the petitioner and their client will be asked to leave the room. The Land Use Committee will then discuss and take a vote on the project. The results of this vote is to be formulated as a Summary and Resolution that is then forwarded to the Neighborhood Board. The Board will review the Summary and Resolution and vote, no later than 5 days after receipt, to either write a Letter of Support, a Conditional Letter of Support or a Letter of Remonstration. Once written, this Letter becomes the official position of Windsor Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.. The Board will share this Letter with the Land Use Committee, the Neighborhood via social media, the petitioner, the NESCO (Near East Side Community Organization) Land Use Chair, any neighboring neighborhoods who may also be impacted and the Department of Metropolitan Development.