Hi Neighbor. What do you want for the future of our neighborhood?

Our neighborhood is beginning to see development and investment in a way it hasn’t seen in decades. This development is both commercial and residential and has the potential to affect our community in many different ways.  In order to best serve the neighbors of Windsor Park Neighborhood, we need a plan that best reflects what we value in our neighborhood and what we want our neighborhood to be in the future.

In January, at our Association annual board meeting, we resolved to create a Strategic Plan to guide our actions and focus for the next two to four years. Knowing that the plan must reflect the community and with a true desire to include the neighborhood in the process, we have utilized Nextdoor and our neighborhood meetings to gather input. While we could have limited the conversation to current dues-paid and voting members (If you are not signed up for 2016- hit the Paypal button), we determined that would not be as inclusive or as neighborly as the process should be. Our Neighborhood Association serves everyone in the neighborhood and we want to hear from everyone we serve- the businesses, the renters, the homeowners- everyone. This is your home and your input matters.

We shared a survey on Nextdoor in February and also at our February Members Meeting. The first survey asked neighbors to define our strengths and what our neighbors value and enjoy about living in Windsor Park. You can read the results here. Our second survey, shared on Nextdoor, via Mailchimp  and at our March Members Meeting on 03/16/16, asks our neighbors to define our focus on what we want our future neighborhood to be based on the values shared in the first survey. The results of the second survey will define our shared vision and give us the direction we need to define our shared goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

If you are a Windsor Park Neighbor and have not received a copy of  the survey and are not on Nextdoor, it isn’t too late to participate. While we won’t share a link here (this is a completely public site and we want to hear from our neighbors), we will happily send you a link to the survey. Just email us at wearewindsorpark@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!