Welcome 2016!

Janus Bifrons- Vatican Museums

Happy New Year… a time for fresh starts, looking over the past  and making resolutions. Resolutions are a part of our human tradition. The ancient Romans did it at the beginning of each year- making promises to Janus, the god of beginnings and endings,  who is  eternally looking to the past and the future.

Our neighborhood has a rich history and much to be excited about in the near future and the plans we make need to carefully consider both, a bit like Janus. At our neighborhood’s Annual Board Meeting, we discussed the need for our neighborhood to develop a strategic plan and that the plan involve all of our neighbors. This is at the top of our association’s resolution list and we will be devoting our February 17th Neighborhood Meeting to gathering your thoughts, hopes and dreams and developing an actionable plan.

We have a lot to look forward to this year. The Indy Winter Farmer’s Market is making it’s home at the CCIC, beginning this Saturday, January 16th.  Center Point Brewery is planning on opening in May, right here in our neighborhood. There are interesting new neighbors choosing to make our neighborhood home and each one adds to the big diverse mix that is our community.  Two of those neighbors joined our Board this fall, Alaina Cutler and Ben Holbrook.

What is on your 2016 list? Do you have dreams for the neighborhood? Is there a way the neighborhood association can help you achieve your resolution?  If so, share and let us know! You can reach us at wearewindsorpark@gmail.com

2016 Board of Directors

Jen Eamon- President

Alaina Holbrook- Vice President

Chris Frick- Treasurer

Kacie Schlegel- Secretary

Andy Tillman- Volunteer Coordinator

Ben Holbrook