CCIC Development Plan Update

UPDATE 11/11/15: After months of negotiations, meetings and a final vote that was sent to the membership earlier this week, we have an agreement on the final document. We will go into the hearing on November 12th in support of the development. You can read it here.

CCIC Development Plan Update- October 26, 2015

There are big plans afoot for the Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC). Some of those new plans include carving out a section of the building for tenant access and parking, the Ruckus Maker Space, expansion of the artist spaces, addition of new retail space, a possible 1000 person capacity music/performance venue facing 10th Street and new tenants, including but not limited to: Lick Ice Cream’s production facility and retail space, a small foundry, an artisan blacksmith, a small coffee roaster, a craft brewer and a craft distillery. There is a lot to like in the development plan. Both building management and ownership have made their intentions clear that they want this development to be a positive addition to our neighborhood and the surrounding community.

The owner of the building’s attorney, Jeff Bellamy, and his client, Larry Jones, have petitioned for a rezoning hearing to present their new Development Plan. As a part of the request, they asked for many changes to the restricted uses for the property and the Commitments. Taken one step at a time, the proposed plans would require individual Change of Use Zoning Variances for each change. Bellamy has placed all the changes in one request. This has meant reviewing and considering all of the changes at once. Over the last two months we have been gathering neighbor input and negotiating changes to Bellamy/Jones’ request. There have been three neighborhood meetings, two NESCO Land Use meetings and numerous smaller meetings. There have been continuing continuances.

While we do not have not finalized language, we are close. There are some improvements and some remaining concerns. Concessions have been made by both sides. The new Commitments pertaining to Security, parking, landscaping, truck routes and Signage are stronger than the original Commitments. The concerns over the sizes proposed for the currently restricted uses: brewing/distilling, coffee roasting, foundry/metal casting, food production and the total demised space for each use are larger than some neighbors are comfortable with. The 1000 person music venue has the potential to be a huge asset or a huge headache. The proposal detailing the music venue was added to the conversation just a week ago. Last night, Jeff Bellamy sent some additional revisions. You will find the revised Commitment, including details about the music venue limits, here.

Please send your comments to We will be meeting with Larry, Bellamy, and a few people from Cottage Home on Wednesday, November 28th to address some remaining concerns. We expect to have an agreement to bring back to the neighborhood membership before November 1st. We have asked for a continuance to a new Hearing date on either November 12th or November 19th and Larry Jones and Jeff Bellamy have agreed.

If all the parties are done with negotiations prior to the next scheduled Hearing date and there are no further continuances, then we will present our agreements and/or contentions before the Hearing Examiner. This will be the last opportunity for supporters or remonstrators to voice their opinions prior to the plan going to DMD.

Hearings are held in the Public Assembly Room, 2nd Floor of the City-County Building, 200 E. Washington St.. All interested neighbors should plan on attending.

We will keep the general neighborhood posted of any further changes to the Commitments and the final Hearing date via NextDoor and Facebook. Look for updates to this blog, too.

UPDATE 10/28/15: The Hearing will take place on November 12th.