Pogue’s Run Love (and Reconnecting to Our Waterways- aka ROW)

Reconnecting to Our Waterways is a city-wide collective of organizations, citizens, artists and doers. Bringing our neighbors to our waterways and inviting them to love our creeks and rivers is part of Reconnecting to Our Waterways’ mission.

For many of us, deciding to make our home in Windsor Park was influenced by the creek that twists it’s way through our near east side parks, our homes, our hearts. Even if the creek wasn’t the primary attraction to living here (proximity to downtown, historic houses), it was likely rippling through our subconscious. Living near water is primal and instinctive, it makes us happier and some studies say healthier.

Pogue’s Run offers us a year-round opportunity to connect with nature. While no large fish make our creek their home, minnows and crawdad and frogs do. Dozens of bird species make the creek a migratory stop or a year round home including heron, ducks, geese, red-wing blackbird, various finches, cardinals, swifts and even a few owls. Fox, skunk, opossum, raccoon, bats and deer have all been spotted along the creek.

Starting at about Massachusetts and Ritter avenues, Pogue’s Run meanders through Indy’s near east side and ends at the White River. Pogue’s Run used to run through downtown until a major project 100 years ago, the Pogues Run Drain, buried the creek from New York Street to Kentucky Avenue.

Here is our Pogues Run ROW recent video showing what our collective is all about and our current plans.

We meet every first Tuesday of the month. Check out the ROW website (http://reconnectingtoourwaterways.org/wa…) for the when and where. You can also view what is going on around our waterways, all over Indy.