Environmental Clean-Up! Meeting July 9th.

Environmental Clean-Up at the CCIC, Fletcher Park and Nearby Residences. UPDATED 9/3/14

Since 2004, an evaluation of environmental impacts from historical manufacturing activities at the Circle City Industrial Complex has been underway. You may have noticed the monitor wells that dot the western part of our neighborhood and the scientists from Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc., who regularly test water and vapor from the wells. Wilcox has traced the contamination plume in the ground water and have now devised a plan for remediation. These monitoring activities are overseen by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) as site #6150102.

This sort of Brownfield Remediation is necessary in many urban locations and particularly in our old industrial corridors, like the Mass Ave/Brookside area. While it may be disruptive, the end result is a safer neighborhood and a cleaner water table.

Two meetings are scheduled for Thursday, July 9th, 2015, to provide details of activities performed to-date, remediation activities scheduled for fall 2015, vapor intrusion assessments on-site and at surrounding residences, impacts to Fletcher Park and to answer any questions regarding potential business disruptions and health risks associated with the contamination and cleanup activities. The meeting format will include summary presentations at 3:00 and 6:00, each followed by a questions and answer period. Informational posters will also be on display, and representatives from Wilcox, IDEM, and the remediation contractor will be available to answer questions. Suite 205 at the CCIC (upstairs south of the large CCIC Artist room).

As a result of the clean up, Fletcher Park’s Native Field will be impacted. The existing plants will be replaced through insurance recovery. As a neighborhood, we have an opportunity to re-home many of the plants in our existing greenspaces, create new plantings, etc.. If you have ideas, please share with us!

UPDATE 9/3/14: True North Landscaping arrived this morning and killed off the Native Field. The Environmental Remediation will begin 9/10/14. By mid-October, the field will be entirely replanted. Big thank you to neighbors and friends who came out and moved some of the plants (especially those that were hosts to monarch caterpillars).

If you have any immediate questions or concerns about the remediation activities, please contact:
Chris Bonniwell, Wilcox Regional Technical Director
(317) 472-0999 cbonniwell@wilcoxenv.com

Native Field at Fletcher Park