Pogues Run Trail… it’s happening!

After years of planning, construction of the Pogues Run Trail is finally afoot. I will keep this as short as possible. Please contact us, if you have questions. 

Over the course of the last few years, our board has been involved in multiple planning meetings and advocated (successfully) to protect Fletcher Park, our neighbors yards and as many trees as possible, while ensuring truck access along Brookside and keeping the trucks off of our neighborhood streets. 

Phase 1, which has begun, will occur entirely within Windsor Park Neighborhood boundaries. The trail begins on the north side of 10th Street at Massachusetts, follows 10th Street east to Brookside, crosses Brookside and turns north on Brookside, follows Brookside north-east and terminates at the Commerce Street bridge over Pogues Run. Essentially, Phase 1 connects the Monon and Cultural Trails to our often overlooked but amazing near eastside IndyParks, Spades Park and Brookside Park. For some people, their trip down the new Pogues Run Trail will be the first time they have ever visited our part of the city.

What does this mean for our neighbors and neighborhood?

In the very short term, it means construction. Expect lane restrictions, construction vehicles and some sidewalks and trees will be removed. This project has a very fast timeline and should be complete before September 1st.

In the long term, it should improve the way we get around. Because the trail will “road diet” both Brookside and 10th, we should expect traffic calming, a safer commute for people who use Brookside and 10th streets and fewer accidents. This will increase the bikability and walk score for our neighborhood.

The design elements of the Pogues Run Trail are similar to the other trails around Indy (excepting the Cultural Trail): 10′ wide asphalt, clear signage, enhanced intersections. However, the PRT signs will have their own design elements and there are other nice touches like yellow ADA pads instead of the standard red.

I, for one, can’t wait to take a ride on the Pogues Run Trail.

Jen Eamon-Board President