Donate your items to our Flea Market table!

Donations of Your Unwanted Items Needed for Woodruff Place Flea Market!
We Need Your Stuff!
DATE: Friday, May 31 / Saturday, June 1
TIME: 5pm-7pm Friday or 8am-whenever Saturday
WHERE: 720 West Drive in Woodruff Place- Look for the Windsor Park Banner!
WHAT: Donate your unwanted household items, clothes and more!
CONTACT: Martha Latta at or text 317-362-1662 for item pick up
We Also need VOLUNTEERS! Here is the current Schedule listed below. We appreciate having two people per shift, so please let us know if you can come at a time that has no one or has just one person!
Saturday June 1:
8am-9am: Dawn H. /  second person needed
9am-10am: two volunteers needed
10am-11am: Jen E / Mark S
11am-12pm: Jen E / Mark S
12pm-1pm: Mark L / Andrew F
1pm-2pm: Mark L / Andrew F
2pm-3pm: 2 volunteers needed
3pm-4pm: Laura H / Mike S
4pm-5pm: Laura H / Mike S
Sunday June 2:
10am-11am: Joan M / Hank
11am-12pm: Joan M / Hank
12pm-1pm: Charlie N. / one volunteer needed
1pm-2pm: Charlie N. / one volunteer needed
2pm-3pm: Bob B / one volunteer needed
3pm-4pm: Bob B / one volunteer needed

4pm-5pm: Bob B / one volunteer needed