Plans for Fletcher Park Move Forward


Not everyone in the Windsor Park neighborhood may know that Fletcher Park is the formal name of the small triangle park located at the corners of Brookside / Arsenal / 12th streets. The park was the first city park in Indianapolis donated by Calvin Fletcher some time in the 1870’s. Joan Hostetler, a near East Side resident and historian, wrote about Fletcher Park in early 2012 on the Historic Indianapolis blog and identified it as an area perfect for “placemaking.” Click here and you can read about the history of Fletcher Park in her article. Some time in the 1950’s (we believe) the park was given by the city to a private company who occupied the (now named) Circle City Industrial Complex. The Complex has had many owners over the last 50 years and currently is owned by the National Bank of Indianapolis.

Last year Windsor Park Neighborhood Association began negotiations with National Bank of Indianapolis to secure the park as a green space to be owned by Windsor Park Neighborhood rather than a private company. In the coming weeks, National Bank of Indianapolis will be donating the park space to Windsor Park thanks to help from the East 10th Street Civic Association and Tammy Hughes.


While the paperwork for securing the park was being completed, Windsor Park resident Jen Eamon completed an application for an IPL Project GreenSpace grant. She offered a mock-up photo (see above) of what Fletcher Park might look like with design assistance from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and IPL. One of the major desires of Windsor Park residents is to see the park restored to a useable space with both new and old themes throughout. Eventually, re-installing a fountain in the middle of the park where one once stood over 100 years ago.

Late last winter, Windsor Park was notified by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) that Fletcher Park had been selected for one of the Project GreenSpace Grants. Over the last few months the Windsor Park Board of Directors have moved forward on the closing and worked with KIB on designing the new park. On Wednesday, Februray 20th, KIB presented at the monthly Windsor Park members meeting plans for the re-designed Fletcher Park.


The current design plan for Fletcher Park


Three different design plans were pitched to Windsor Park (You can see all  three here on Fletcher Park’s own Project GreenSpace webpage) and meeting attendees agreed unanimously that the third design was the most favored. The Phase One design includes additions of decorative border element fencing, large lawn areas, and large plantings of native plants and plants already well represented in Windsor Park (such as red poppy, daisy and crocus). Additionally, in the center of the park an area has been set aside for re-installing a fountain, which will take place at a later time.


The park will also include additional amenities such as trash can and recycle containers, benches and a public art installation. Benches and trash can and recycle containers will be added in Phase One which, along with the plantings and fencing, will be completed in 2013.


Features such as large public art installations and the addition of a fountain in the center of the park most likely will not happen in 2013 but will ideally happen in the next one to five years.


an example of a type of fountain we could eventually see in Windsor Park

Now is the time for residents of Windsor Park to make suggestions to the plans for the park before they are finalized next month. If you have comments on the design, plantings, or anything related to Fletcher Park, contact our KIB project manager Tracey at or Jen Eamon at

Final acquisition of the park space will take place in March and work will begin on the re-design shortly there after. We look forward to having the helping hands of many Windsor Park residents as well as other Near East Side residents and local businesses help us to re-invigorate Fletcher Park in 2013.

If you would like to make a tax-deductable financial donation to the Fletcher Park project please contact WPNA board president David Hedrick at